Roof repairs
Our specialised team can offer you unparalleled repairs. With its experience and advanced techniques, finding the source of your problem is rarely difficult. Our objective is to secure the problematic zones as quickly as possible in order to minimize damages and to repair the affected zones.
  • Problems with water infiltration
  • Problems with ice buildup
  • Problems with humidity
  • Problems related to defective products
In order to increase the lifespan of your roof, it is strongly recommended to adhere to a maintenance plan. A service plan consists of a roof visit, a specialised written report, a refection plan over a 5 year period as well as different propositions in order to increase the performance of your roofing system.
  • Yearly visits
  • Specialised report
  • Refection plan over 5 years
  • Profesionnal recommendations
Roof snow removal
In order to ligthen the load on your roof structure and to limit risks of water infiltration, it is strongly recommended to have the snow removed from your roof during very rigorous winters. It is important to be cautious when removing the snow in order to not damage the waterproof membrane of the roofing system. Our teams are composed of experienced and conscientious roofers That are able to remove the snow safely with proper techniques.
  • Snow removal
  • Quality service
  • Experienced roofers with CCQ cards