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West Island Roofing specialises in shingle roof installations. For 50 years thousands of people living in the West Island and the surrounding areas have trusted us with their roofing project.

The process to obtain a quote is very easy, you can either call, send us an email or fill out our web form.

Our rep will visit your house, draw a plan and take all the measurements of your roof. To complete your file, he will also take pictures, visually inspect the roof and note deficiencies in order to offer an action plan to best protect your house. Our team of experts analyse each file individually and prepare a roofing system adapted to your needs.

  • Remove and dispose of 1 layer of asphalt shingles on the roof.
  • The first 100 square feet of rotten wood on the roof deck replaced at no cost.
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    As we begin our work, we start by removing the old roof. We install tarps in order to protect your landscaping, hardscaping and your lawn. The old shingles, felts and accessories to be replaced are removed and sent to a waste sorting facility who respects environmental norms and who recycles the scrap materials when possible. We do not use containers in order to avoid damaging your pavement, we use our dump trucks to remove the waste material. We also offer 100 sq. ft. of rotten wood replacement without charging any extra fees.

  • Install 72" of self-adhering waterproof membrane at the eaves and in the valleys.
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    This membrane is waterproof and self-sealing, which means it remains flexible and conforms to the openings made by the nails when the shingles are installed. Due to our rigorous climate, ice dams can form at the eaves and where roof slopes meet. These dams can trap water on the roof, which could accumulate and make it's way underneath the shingles and leak into the interior of the house.

    The Weathertex membrane which we offer has an excellent quality:price ratio. According to manufacturer instructions, we must install 36" of this membrane at the eaves and in the valleys, but just to be sure, we double it to 72". It is also possible to cover the entire roof surface with this membrane, offering an iron-clad defense against the elements. We also install Grace Ice&Water Shield membrane, an industry leader, but it's higher cost can be restrictive for certain clients. Ask your representative if you are interested.

    Width Weathertex Grace I&W Shield
    36" Standard ***
    72" Recommended ****
    Full ***** *****

  • Install a synthetic underlayment membrane on the entire roof.
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    This membrane is the underlayment of the roof system, which separates the roof deck from the shingles. In the days gone by, roofers would install an asphalt saturated felt but technology has since evolved and we now work with superior products. This membrane helps prevent water infiltrations and ensures that if there is damaged done to the shingles (ex: a powerful storm) that repairs can be done before interior damaged is caused. It also helps our workers since it offers an anti-skid texture and does not tear. The membrane prevents that the shingles fuse to the roof deck and gives them a flat substrate to give your roof an impeccable look.

  • Premium quality, Mystique, fiberglass reinforced asphalt shingles, covered by the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
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    The stratified architectural shingles which we offer in our standard quotes are manufactured by BP Canada, they offer a modern and elegant look which can appear like cedar or slate shingles. With a fiberglass core and two adhesive bands to prevent wind uplift and wind driven rain from penetrating your roof, Mystique or Everest Shingles are offered in 24 colors and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If you are interested in a more refined, unique roof line, ask to see our high-end shingles. If you prefer traditionnal 3-tab shingles or would prefer to have shingles from another manufacturer installed, please mention it to your sales rep.

    BP's Weather-Tite system which we install offers an improvement to their warranty. Find more information on the Weather-Tite system here.

  • Electro-galvanized roofing nails used: minimum of 4 per shingle, 6 on the mansards.
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    Each shingle we install is attached with a minimum of 4 plated nails to protect your new shingles, but our installers often use even more than necessary. We always increase the number of nails on steep slopes, our shingles will not fall off.

    If you live in a wind corridor, or you have noticed that your neighbors shingles have flown off, a high-wind installation might interest you. The amount of nails is increased and the edges shingles are glued down in plastic cement, the manufacturer then offers full protection up to 220km/h winds.

  • New 24", 26 gauge pre-painted steel open valleys, embedded in roofing cement.
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    A valley is the meeting point between two roof slopes. The open valleys we install act as built-in gutters for your roof. Considering lots of water naturally flows to these areas, they are critical points to protect against water infiltration.

    A row of self-adhesive waterproof membrane is installed along the valley. A pre-painted steel sheet is installed and the shingles are sealed to the metal using plastic cement. The shingles are then trimmed back to expose a portion of the metal flashing in order to allow a clear path for water and ice to freely leave the roof.

  • Install 2 new Maximum 301 ventilators.
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    Proper attic ventilation is very important. It keeps the temperature inside the attic similar to the outside temperature, reducing the risk of creating ice dams. Proper ventilation is essential to guarantee a long life to asphalt shingles and to eliminate condensation. We calculate the quantity and model of ventilators suited to the needs of your house.

  • Install two new plumbing vents.
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    We install new plumbing vent flashing, a sleeve matched to the color of your shingles and a galvanized cap. We also change roof accessories such as dryer vents as they may deteriorate with time. All of our accessories are installed in a bed of plastic cement and caulked to ensure they remain waterproof.

  • Install a new 26 gauge pre-painted steel chimney flashing.
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    Considering we do a lot of commercial work, we are equipped with a fully tooled sheet metal workshop. We fabricate new chimney flashing, wall flashing, firewall covers which we can install during a re-roofing. We use 26 gauge galvanised steel with factory applied and baked paint. We can also install copper flashing on your request.

  • Clean up all roofing debris and remove from the site.
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    At the end of the job, our installers pick up debris, pass a rake, a blower and a magnetic bar. All of our construction debris are removed from your property.


    We have been members of the Master Roofer's Association of Quebec (AMCQ) for over 30 years, which should offer added peace of mind when you hire us to install your roof. We must respect many rigorous standards in order to be members.

    • We must submit our books in order to demonstrate a sound financial situation.
    • We must submit our proofs of insurance and thirt party liability. We hold an insurance of 5 000 000.00$.
    • We must submit all of our licenses and government regulatory documents.
    • We must abide by surprise visits by AMCQ inspectors.
    • We must sumbit inspection reports in order to show our work is done properly and confoms to the requirements of the association.
    • We must complete the association's technical tests.

    You can find more information here Association des Maitres Couvreurs du Québec.
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